My Writing Process Blog Tour

A warm hello from a quirky little country, in the middle of Europe (can you guess which one?)! 🙂

Just before I went off to my holidays a few weeks ago, the lovely Sarah has invited me to participate in the “Writing Process Blog Tour”. Sarah has a wonderful blog Sarah’s Kitchen and be sure to step by and say hello. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite, eventhough she creates Red Devil Cupcakes (which look divine, by the way), in fact you probably just get a very warm welcome and a virtual hug (no promises, but it looks good).

So, I say “thank you very much for considering me” and “yiipiii” at the same time (don’t try to imagine those two things together, it just blew my mind – oh my – it’s hot today – brainmelt). Anyway I just gave you a wonderful example as to why one should always redraft their posts. Otherwise you’ll have the same jibber jabber in your blogs than I have in mine. Oh dear.

Let’s move on.

As I understand it, the rules are fairly simple, I answer 4 questions and then nominate 3 people. So these were the questions for me and are subsequently the questions for my 3 nominees:

What am I working on?

I just introduced the “British Weeks” as I used to live there a while and was just back a week ago. I don’t need to have a theme, but it challenges me to try recipes I have never cooked before and to really think about food. Where does it come from, what makes it so unique and most importantly why is it so loved. So I am already thinking about Italian or Swiss Weeks. But hey, that’s thinking way ahead into the future.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is a difficult one.. Apart from the “British Weeks”, I generally have not much of a plan. I just fancy something, bake or cook it and then post it on my blog. I admire the well-coordinated blogs. Mine is quirky and straight from the heart. I am still getting used to all the do’s and don’ts in the blogging world.

Why do I write what I do?

I am not sure. My process involves “doing” rather than thinking. I work with intuition rather than strategy concerning what I write. This whole blog though, has been a wonderful experience so far. I needed a bit of a lifeline back when I started as my life was and still is upside down in so many aspects. The blog has given me a routine and something I can hang on to. Writing and sharing about my experiences in the kitchen has not just awarded me with new friends, but also allows me to shut off reality and just be myself for a few minutes. I can only recommend it to everybody interested.

How does your writing process work?

I generally just scribble everything down as soon as I finished baking. So there is not much thinking ahead of this. But if time allows it, I write a few drafts as to avoid grammatical errors (there will always be some errors though as English is not my mother-tongue) or weird syntaxes. This process of rewriting also allows me to rethink what I have just written and change or add a lot. I am doing some Open University courses simultaneously and if I have learned something there, it’s to always draft and re-draft everything I have written.

So, the three lovely ladies that I nominate are:

Ngan at Ngan made it

Karen at My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Jennie at Scarletscorchdroppers

So I shall see if I can find something to cool me down. Looking forward to reading your posts girls now.

Apple and Blueberry Crumble

British Weeks 28_05

And the British Weeks roar on. Since summer is here now and with it all the lovely flavours of freshly picked fruit, I thought I move on to a British dessert. The crumble!

After the two weeks we were away on holiday, the supermarkets have suddenly been filled with every kind of summer fruit and we couldn’t resist but grab a big box of blueberries. Oh how I cherish them. The sweet, little balls of divine! Of course the majority was gobbled away instantly, I nevertheless managed to hide some 50g for my Apple and Blueberry Crumble. Now, I didn’t know if this was going to work at all, but since I love both apples and blueberry and I had both in stock, I thought “why not!”.

So the crumble it is. At first I wasn’t sure if this is a British dessert after all. Since I’ve started the British Weeks I have been proven wrong so many times. I thought fudge was British (it’s American), or that cheesecake was American (it’s originally Greek, but yes, I guess the modern version is still very much American) and worst of all I thought cinnamon rolls were Swiss (I guess I am so used to them), but nooo they’re Swedish in origin. Yes, I have been quite wrong indeed. But then again I think I associate food with the country I ate it in first and automatically assume that this is were it comes from. It’s been an eye opener.

So let’s get back to my crumble. Now apparently all British (it must be true, Wikipedia says so.. 🙂 ).

IMG_6456  IMG_6462

Apple and Blueberry Crumble

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

150g all-purpose flour
80g brown sugar
100g butter
50g blueberries
175g apples
1 pinch of cinnamon

1. Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl.

2. Rub butter cubes (one at a time) into the mixture until it resembles bread crumbs.

3. Cut the apple into dices and mix with the blueberries.

4. Sprinkle with a mix of a pinch of flour, cinnamon and sugar.

5. Add the fruit mixture into a ovenproof dish and sprinkle the crumble mix on top.

Bake at 180° for 45 minutes until the fruit starts to bubble and the crumbs are nicely browned. I served it with a good dollop of cream.


I just love the hot melted fruit with the crumbly sugar, flour and butter mix on top. And I think the colour came out very nice as well. Since I added some blueberries, they turned the whole dish into a dark purple, which I think looks great (and tastes great too).


I know this is meant as a dessert. But we had a bit of a stressful day today and instead of making lunch, we just had some crumble. I believe everybody deserves a treat once in a while and we might have just used ours up for a while. Scrumdideliumptious! 🙂

IMG_6470  IMG_6478

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


Just before I was packing my bags for my holiday, Lori from Creating Beautiy in the Kitchen and Sarah from Sarah’s Kitchen have awarded me with this wonderful award. Again this came as a complete surprise and I am very grateful in return for those two ladies who also support me so lovingly. Please do check out their blogs if you haven’t yet. It is well worth it.

The wonderful Lori makes every ever so grumpy soul giggle their socks off. Her blog is not just entertaining and interesting but also very personal and I really appreciate this. She makes her readers feel as though we’ve known her forever.

The lovely Sarah creates unbelievably mouthwatering bakes and all with a touch of humour.  Oh and have you seen her recent post concerning the Word Cup? I just love the picture with her dad! 🙂

So let’s have a quick look at the rules for this award:

1. Just give the award to all the people you wish to (at least 14)
2. Mention the person who gave it to you, and
3. Don’t forget to include a picture of the Award.

So here are the people who I consider part of my circle and who have been very supporting in the past few weeks (I haven’t been blogging for much longer..) and whose blogs I just love and adore:

Kristen from The Peanut Butter Jar
Ngan from Ngan Made it
Vidya from Traditionally Modern Food
Lily from Little Sweet Baker
Prudy from Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs
Olga from Ocean View Kitchen
Gayatri from the Desserted Girl
Michelle from Giraffes can Bake
Jhuls from The not so creative Cook
Melissa from The Glen House
Sophie from Sophie Browns
Naina from Spice in the City
Callie at Flour and Fancy
Sabrina from Ein H(a)eppchen GlĂĽck

Thanks so much for supporting me through the past few weeks. I really appreciate it. You guys are THE BEST!

HĂĽhnchen Pilz Pie

British Weeks 28_05

Was passt nicht besser zu den “Britischen Wochen” als ein schön saftiger Pie? Immer nur sĂĽss, ist ja auch langweilig, daher kommt bei mir heute mal was währschaftlich salziges auf den Tisch. Und zwar eben ein HĂĽhnchen Pilz Pie. Den habe ich in den letzten Wochen oft auf dem Pub-Menu gesehen, aber mir nicht diesen sondern den Rinds-Ale Pie gegönnt. Der war auch ganz lecker. Ich bin mit der englischen KĂĽche zwar was essen anbelangt vertraut, aber nicht mit dem Kochen. Daher war dieser Pie auch mein erster Versuch.

IMG_6427  IMG_6420

Da die englische Küche eher währschaft als unbedingt Vitaminreich ist, habe ich noch einen kleinen Salat dazugezaubert. Natürlich auch hier wieder mit ein paar leckeren, aber auch währschaften Zutaten.


HĂĽhnchen Pilz Pie

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Zutaten fĂĽr den Pie:
etwas Ă–l oder Butter zum anbraten
ca. 400g HĂĽhnchen
8 grosse oder 16 kleine Speckstreifen
1 Zwiebel
250g Pilze
etwas frischen Thymian
2 Esslöffel Mehl
400ml HĂĽhnchenbouillon
200ml Milch
500g Blätterteig
1 verquirltes Ei

Zutaten fĂĽr den Salat:
200g Feldsalat
1 Ei
3 kleine Speckstreifen

FĂĽr die Salatsauce:
1 Esslöffel Weinessig
2 Esslöffel Olivenöl (extra Vergine)
etwas getrocknete Kräuter
1 Esslöffel Mayonnaise
etwas Aromat (falls vorhanden)

1. Ă–l in einer Pfanne heiss warden lassen.
2. Das HĂĽhnchen nach belieben wĂĽrzen und im heissen Ă–l ca. 5 – 8 Minuten anbraten.
3. Das angebratete HĂĽhnchen zur Seite legen.
4. Speck in der gleichen Pfanne anbraten und anschliessend die gehackte Zwiebel, Pilze und Thymian zugeben und ca. 3 Minuten weiterbraten.
5. Das Mehl über die Zutaten geben und langsam die Hühnerbouillon dazurühren. Anschliessend die Milch dazugeben und immer schön weiterrühren.
6. Das Hühnchen wieder zugeben, alles zum Kochen bringen und anschliessend ca. 30 Minuten köcheln lassen.
7. Den Blätterteig ca. 0.5cm dick ausrollen und eine Schale von ca. 20x30cm damit auslegen.
8. Die etwas abgekĂĽhlte Mischung in die Schale fĂĽllen.
9. Den ĂĽbrigen Teig zurechtschneiden und die Schale damit zudecken. Dabei die Enden gut mit den Fingern zudrĂĽcken.
10. Den Deckel mit dem verquirlten Ei bestreichen.

Bei 220° (Umluft) ca. 30 Minuten backen. In der Zwischenzeit Salatsauce mit dem Feldsalat und dem gehackten Ei sowie geschnittenen Speck vorbereiten.


Das Rezept fĂĽr den Pie stammt von bbcgoodfood. Eine Seite die ich oft brauche um Ideen zu holen und immer gute Rezepte liefert. Sollte euch mal das BedĂĽrfniss ĂĽberkommen English zu backen oder zu kochen, liefert die Seite eine riesen Auswahl.

IMG_6437 IMG_6449 IMG_6447 IMG_6446

Ich finde die Kombination Pie/Salat besonders gelungen. Durch das Ei im Salat bekommt dieser eine samtweiche Textur was sich gut mit der Sauce des Pie’s verträgt. Ausserdem können ein paar Vitamine nie schaden. Gerade jetzt im Sommer wo es draussen so warm wird, ist man froh, nicht nur einen heissen Pie zu verdrĂĽcken.


I am back – with my first Scones

British Weeks 28_05

I am back! And yes, the British Weeks have started. As promised before my holidays, I shall come back and feature some of the lovely food Britain has to offer. We had a splendid time visiting Bath (sooo love it!) and the Jurassic Coast in Devon and last but not least a bunch of friends back in London. But I do honestly now need a holiday. I really do. Socialising is awesome but also tiring. Not that I am complaining. No way.

So I thought I kick the fabulous British Weeks off with some homemade scones. To be honest, I have never made them before and that’s also why I am not sharing my recipe. Boldly I thought I could just mix recipes with the ingredients I like. No sir. Doesn’t work like that, for me anyway and not yet, I hope. So the scones were a bit of a disaster, but we ate them anyway (Ste liked them) and I am one experience richer.


To my defence I couldn’t use the kitchen that day, as we had our kitchen being disassembled by the “Leak-Hunters” and I had to “bake” in the living room. Sort of, I was able to use the oven of course. It’s not quite that hot here, but we’re getting there. I usually don’t even fancy scones, although I have been convinced after tasting some very tasty ones in England this time. Often I find them a bit dry, so I decided to add some in orange juice soaked dried fruits, however I forgot to drain the liquid… So instead of dry scones, they were super wet and I had to add a lot of flour after. I will certainly give it a go again very soon, but in the meantime I think this is a fun – even though a bit disastrous – start to my British Weeks.

IMG_6042   IMG_6040IMG_6038   IMG_6042

Also today is Friday and Angie at The Novice Gardener is hosting Fiesta Friday #21, so I shall bring my scones as a hangover cure for the next morning and sincerely hope there might be a smidgen of that Elderflower Liquor left which I brought over a few weeks back. You know – to wash it down.

Happy Friday everyone!