I am back – with my first Scones

British Weeks 28_05

I am back! And yes, the British Weeks have started. As promised before my holidays, I shall come back and feature some of the lovely food Britain has to offer. We had a splendid time visiting Bath (sooo love it!) and the Jurassic Coast in Devon and last but not least a bunch of friends back in London. But I do honestly now need a holiday. I really do. Socialising is awesome but also tiring. Not that I am complaining. No way.

So I thought I kick the fabulous British Weeks off with some homemade scones. To be honest, I have never made them before and that’s also why I am not sharing my recipe. Boldly I thought I could just mix recipes with the ingredients I like. No sir. Doesn’t work like that, for me anyway and not yet, I hope. So the scones were a bit of a disaster, but we ate them anyway (Ste liked them) and I am one experience richer.


To my defence I couldn’t use the kitchen that day, as we had our kitchen being disassembled by the “Leak-Hunters” and I had to “bake” in the living room. Sort of, I was able to use the oven of course. It’s not quite that hot here, but we’re getting there. I usually don’t even fancy scones, although I have been convinced after tasting some very tasty ones in England this time. Often I find them a bit dry, so I decided to add some in orange juice soaked dried fruits, however I forgot to drain the liquid… So instead of dry scones, they were super wet and I had to add a lot of flour after. I will certainly give it a go again very soon, but in the meantime I think this is a fun – even though a bit disastrous – start to my British Weeks.

IMG_6042   IMG_6040IMG_6038   IMG_6042

Also today is Friday and Angie at The Novice Gardener is hosting Fiesta Friday #21, so I shall bring my scones as a hangover cure for the next morning and sincerely hope there might be a smidgen of that Elderflower Liquor left which I brought over a few weeks back. You know – to wash it down.

Happy Friday everyone!



16 thoughts on “I am back – with my first Scones

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  2. Hi Martina, great to meet you! I just love Bath, isn’t it beautiful! And I love your first attempt at scones, I’ve never mastered them myself, funnily enough, my son made them at school this week, and yes, sadly, they were quite dry 😦 so it’s not just us! Enjoy Fiesta Friday!


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