My Writing Process Blog Tour

A warm hello from a quirky little country, in the middle of Europe (can you guess which one?)! 🙂

Just before I went off to my holidays a few weeks ago, the lovely Sarah has invited me to participate in the “Writing Process Blog Tour”. Sarah has a wonderful blog Sarah’s Kitchen and be sure to step by and say hello. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite, eventhough she creates Red Devil Cupcakes (which look divine, by the way), in fact you probably just get a very warm welcome and a virtual hug (no promises, but it looks good).

So, I say “thank you very much for considering me” and “yiipiii” at the same time (don’t try to imagine those two things together, it just blew my mind – oh my – it’s hot today – brainmelt). Anyway I just gave you a wonderful example as to why one should always redraft their posts. Otherwise you’ll have the same jibber jabber in your blogs than I have in mine. Oh dear.

Let’s move on.

As I understand it, the rules are fairly simple, I answer 4 questions and then nominate 3 people. So these were the questions for me and are subsequently the questions for my 3 nominees:

What am I working on?

I just introduced the “British Weeks” as I used to live there a while and was just back a week ago. I don’t need to have a theme, but it challenges me to try recipes I have never cooked before and to really think about food. Where does it come from, what makes it so unique and most importantly why is it so loved. So I am already thinking about Italian or Swiss Weeks. But hey, that’s thinking way ahead into the future.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is a difficult one.. Apart from the “British Weeks”, I generally have not much of a plan. I just fancy something, bake or cook it and then post it on my blog. I admire the well-coordinated blogs. Mine is quirky and straight from the heart. I am still getting used to all the do’s and don’ts in the blogging world.

Why do I write what I do?

I am not sure. My process involves “doing” rather than thinking. I work with intuition rather than strategy concerning what I write. This whole blog though, has been a wonderful experience so far. I needed a bit of a lifeline back when I started as my life was and still is upside down in so many aspects. The blog has given me a routine and something I can hang on to. Writing and sharing about my experiences in the kitchen has not just awarded me with new friends, but also allows me to shut off reality and just be myself for a few minutes. I can only recommend it to everybody interested.

How does your writing process work?

I generally just scribble everything down as soon as I finished baking. So there is not much thinking ahead of this. But if time allows it, I write a few drafts as to avoid grammatical errors (there will always be some errors though as English is not my mother-tongue) or weird syntaxes. This process of rewriting also allows me to rethink what I have just written and change or add a lot. I am doing some Open University courses simultaneously and if I have learned something there, it’s to always draft and re-draft everything I have written.

So, the three lovely ladies that I nominate are:

Ngan at Ngan made it

Karen at My Skinny Sweet Tooth

Jennie at Scarletscorchdroppers

So I shall see if I can find something to cool me down. Looking forward to reading your posts girls now.

5 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. I love this post! Thank you so so much for your super sweet words about me! (Free virtual hugs for everyone!)
    By the way, you are HI-LA-RIOUS! I wouldn’t mind you getting a brainmelt every day 😉


  2. I tend to just write about what I’m cooking at the moment, rather than create a theme around it. So my hat’s off to you for creating “British Weeks!” I’m not that organized! Thank you for the nomination, Martina. Have a lovely day!


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