Dragon’s Loyality Award

The lovely Vidya has honoured me with yet another two awards. The Dragon’s Loyality Award as well as my second Liebster Award. Thank you so much Vidya, I really feel honoured and blessed. I’ve only started this blog a bit over 2 months ago and I have been received so warmly by my fellow bloggers. It has been the most wonderful experience yet.

I am actually quite late replying as summer always brings back the busy lifestyle, the sun that I have to enjoy (otherwise I fell guilty eventhough I love to curl up inside), the walks, the lakes and pools, so other things in my life always take a step back. As I understand it, the Dragon’s Loyality Award is a thank you to bloggers that are supporting you and are frequent visitors to your blog and the Liebster Award is a virtual welcome to new bloggers. So thanks again Vidya for both of these. I shall write about the Dragon’s Loyality Award now and safe the other for later (let’s stretch the joy!) 🙂

Vidya is the creator of Traditionally Modern Food. I just love her blog because it’s different. To me anyway. Born and raised in Switzerland I haven’t had a vast experience with Asian or Indian food but I love to read about it and try it out myself. It’s delicious. So please, make sure you stop by her blog and say hello.

So let’s start:


The rules are simple: Nominate bloggers and tell them about it, add the log and give 7 facts about yourself.

So let me thank you guys for supporting me continiously and for being the lovely blogger community you are. Your blogs are simply amazing:

Sarah at Sarah’s Kitchen
Lily at Little Sweet Baker
Kristen at the Peanut Butter Jar
La Petite Panière
Tina at Mademoiselle Gourmande
Sylvia at Superfoodista

Okay now let’s have a look at 7 facts about myself:

1. I can’t sleep after watchin a horror movie. Nevertheless I go to Film Festivals where they are shown.
2. I am 31, but I still think I am 18.
3. I am addicted to my iphone, Pinterest, WordPress and the Sims (yes! I said it)
4. When everybody moans about the bad weather, I keep quiet. Because I love rainy days.
5. I got a prescpription for glasses, but I hardly ever wear them. So I do occaisonaly bump into door frames or glass doors…
6. I don’t like to drive a car in the rain, snow, hail, stormy weather, wind or night time. So I soldmy car a few years ago 😉
7. There is a picture of a elephant sitting on a park bench on my work desk.

So once again, thank you very much! Enjoy the weather (it’s raining here, yay)!

8 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyality Award

  1. Congratulations Martina! You totally deserve all the awards!
    It was so fun to read your facts! I love the Sims too!!! Well, actually I build homes, make families, get kids and then I just use my cheat codes to get them out of the house and then I start all over again with new homes, families etc xD
    I don’t mind you thinking you’re still 18 :p As long as you believe it, you are! 😉


  2. Thank you so much, Martina, and congratulations! I have the opposite problem: I forget to take off my glasses when I’m really tired! I’ll get into the shower or go to bed with them on.


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