BASIL GNOCCHI by Martina @ Make, Shake and Bake (a guest post)

Jhuls invited me to do a guest post for her amazing blog. I highly doubt that you haven’t come across Jhuls in our wonderful little WordPress community, but hey if you don’t know her, check her out (that wasn’t supoosed to sound dirty… I meant check out her blog).
So I’ve been a bit slow and lazy recently. I shall explain why in my next post, but for now let’s welcome the golden September on Jhuls blog and with some hearty food.


Martina and I met each other during Fiesta Friday. I am not sure when’s the exact date, but I could not forget when she entered holding these Peach and Honey Mini Bundt Cakes  and I immediately ran to her – to say ‘Hi’ of course… and okay… to take some of those gorgeous cakes first and foremost. 😀 Nope! I will not lie and I will not be ashamed to tell you that. 😛

I have heard so much of Martina [from the gossips] during FF, but they are good talks – one of them is that Martina loves to help people. I even remember those film crew people she had prepared lunch for – oh, what a kind-hearted she is.

For my second guest blogger, here’s Martina @ Make, Shake and Bake –


When Jhuls needed some help to cover her absence in September, I knew I was going…

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2 thoughts on “BASIL GNOCCHI by Martina @ Make, Shake and Bake (a guest post)

  1. Oh my, your dish looks perfect, especially topped with the fried veggies, I love gnocchi, but a little nervous about making it myself, you make it look easy, thanks for sharing:)


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