Elderflower Liquor for Fiesta Friday #19

Last Friday was Fiesta Friday, how could I forget? To be honest, we had a National Holiday here in Switzerland on Thursday. So my excuse is, the days just melted into each other until Monday came along. But now I’ve got my bearings back for the next challenge.

Despite my confusion, I had plenty of time to bake and shake last weekend. And because it was a long one, and because it was a Bank holiday, and because that’s just what everybody should do.. I made some liquor. Well, yes… just because.

At the moment elderflower is in bloom everywhere around here and – shame o shame – no one seems to be using these wonderful tasty heads for their cooking, baking or drinks. What a shame indeed. So, I went and raided my parents neighbours plant on Thursday. I am sure they don’t mind, specially because I put a small bottle of liquor aside for them. I can tell you, we had such a lovely smell in the apartement for a few days. Sweet, sweet elderflower everywhere. I just love it.


So what could be more fitting than brining this wonderful smell and tasty drink to a party? I can’t think of much, but yes, that might just be me. This is incredibly simple to make, I promise!

Ooo and you know what? Today is also my birthday. So another reason to get a wee bit of a drink out and celebrate. Specially since the day promises to be bright and warm. Barbeque, anyone? 🙂


Elderflower Liquor

  • Servings: a lot, see all my bottles
  • Difficulty: super easy
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10 elderflower heads
750ml water
1/2 juice of half a lemon
700ml wodka or schnaps (I used schnaps)
250g granulated sugar

1. Clean the elderflower buds with water or shake to get rid of insects.
2. Combine the water and the lemon juice.
3. Add the elderflower heads and let them soak for 12 hours or longer.
4. Strain through clean fine muslin cloth or a fine-meshed sieve into a clean bowl
5. Add the wodka or schnaps and mix well.
6. Just pour into bottles and done!


I think I might just take the rest of the day off, put my feet on the table (yes I do that sometimes), cut a big hole into a wonderful cake, get the lounge chair out (that’s just who I am) and relax. Sounds good to me.

So Happy Fiesta Friday and cheers everyone!